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Angard Handbook

A policy handbook is available here.

First day at work

Before starting work you will have received a contract from us which you need to read, sign and return to us.  Once this has been returned, we will then issue you with an ID badge and register you as available to work.

When we have a suitable shift for you at Royal Mail we will either call or text you to check your availability. Punctuality is essential in this role –it shows professionalism and a commitment to the job. Punctuality often leads to bookings being extended and Royal Mail requesting that staff return for further assignments, thus maintaining regular work. If you are continually late, this will result in the termination of your assignment. Please note that your meal breaks are scheduled and will not be paid.

On your first shift you need to report to your site of work to Group Security at reception with your ID badge. If for any reasons you do not have a badge, please ensure you take your passport with you or some other photo identification .

Your manager will also go through a health and safety briefing and site induction to ensure your aware of all the regulations at your site.


At Work 

All flexible staff working at Royal Mail are expected to conform to the standard of dress for industrial areas. Unless you are told otherwise, your attire should be: 

Smart and presentable, e.g. dark trousers with a polo shirt. T-shirts may be worn, but must not have abusive or inappropriate slogans written on them. 

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE):

Some areas within Royal Mail require the wearing of high visibility vests, if this is the case your site will provide these for you. In some areas such as the warehouse you will be required to wear safety shoes (steel toe caps).  If you have your own, it is strongly advisable to take these with you.  However if you do not have these, some will be provided on site, but we cannot guarantee the correct size etc.


Codes of conduct

Lateness will not be tolerated.  If you are going to be late for a shift please ensure you inform us as soon as possible.

If you fail to attend without informing us and no valid reason can be given your absense, your assignment will be terminated and you will no longer be offered work.

Any assumed breach of Mail Integrity (wilful delay and theft) will result in your immediate removal from site and your placement terminated. This will usually be with the involvement of Corporate Security and will result in you being placed on the Recruitment Risk Register (RRR), where proven Royal Mail will also prosecute individuals.


My Pay 

Once you start work for us your wages will be paid into your bank account a week in arrears on a Friday (our week runs from Saturday-Friday), as long as we receive your timesheet back from your site by 10am on a Monday.

For industrial roles (sorters, loaders, deliveries, warehouse etc) you do not need to complete a timesheet, this is done by Royal Mail at the site you are working at. We cannot accept timesheets from yourself.

For commercial roles (administration, customer service etc) you need to complete a timesheet online  which your manager will authorise.

Whilst working for us, you will be entitled to holiday leave. If you want to claim holiday, please complete the holiday form attached below and send to

Holiday Form Click here to download a copy of the Holiday Form

If you need to contact the Tax office please call 0845 366 7865 and reference PAYE Reference: 475/XA59334.

For payroll queries email


Frequently Asked Questions


I am paying too much or too little tax 

Please ensure that you have sent a P45 to us, if you have not got a P45 then we can supply a P46 for you.  If you have supplied a P45 or P46 already then please speak with Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs who notify us of your tax code.

Click here to download a copy of the P46 request Form 

How do I claim Holiday Pay? 

Holiday requests submitted before 12pm on a Friday will be paid on the following Friday along with all other payroll payments.
Any Holiday requests must be emailed to, below is a holiday request form which will need to be attached to the email with the details of your request.

You can only claim holiday in advance and for days which you are not working; we can not process holiday claims for more than 8 hours per day or 40 hours per week. 

If you are not sure of the amount of hours you have accrued then please feel free to email and we will investigate and get back to you. 

Holiday Form Click here to download a copy of the Holiday Form 


What do I do if I am sick? 

Please contact your Manager at Angard if you are unable to attend work due to any sickness.
If you are off sick for longer than 4 working days you are entitled to claim SSP (Statutory Sick Pay). For more information on this or to obtain a form from ourselves please email  


What clothing shall I wear? 

You will need to wear appropriate clothing for the work you are doing, if you are working in a warehouse environment then you will need to wear safety shoes. 



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