I am a Worker...

Each Royal Mail site has a dedicated Consultant responsible for the allocation of workers and day to day management. Your Consultant waits for a request from the site for workers. Your Consultant will work to you when it is is available. Please note that you may be required to work at short notice. We try to give at least 2 hours’ notice at a minimum; however this is subject to the site’s requirements. Please keep your JoinedUp calendar up to date so we know you are available to work.

The working week starts from Monday 00:00hrs and finishes at 23:59hrs on Sunday. Any hours completed after midnight Sunday will be paid to you the following week as they fall into a new working week.

Shifts can become available any day of the week, Monday to Sunday. They are generally a minimum of 4 hours in length (although sometimes this varies) and can extend for up to 12 hours. Generally, an early shift could be any time 06:00-14:00, a late shift 14:00-22:00 and a night shift 22:00-06:00.

When you arrive on site you have a responsibility to ensure you sign in when you start your shift and sign out when you finish. The signing in sheets will be located at the front reception desk. Failure to do this may result in you not being paid for that shift. Managers will not confirm hours if you have failed to sign in and out.

Please be aware that if you are called into work directly by a Royal Mail manager, this can cause a delay in the payment of that shift as you have not been booked in by Angard Staffing and the hours submitted by Royal Mail need to be verified. Therefore, please only accept shifts by your deployment consultant at Angard Staffing.

If you wish to cancel a booking you have already committed to please do so in your JoinedUp calendar, ensuring you give as much notice as possible (minimum of 2 hours) to allow us to arrange for a replacement.

Weekend shifts should be cancelled by 8pm Friday evening.

Please contact the Angard office on 0333 240 8502 to inform us of the site you would like to transfer to and this can be arranged for you.

In the first instance please call us on 0333 240 8502; we aim to resolve any issues over the phone as quickly as possible.

For unresolved or ongoing issues, a copy of our grievance process can be found on this site. Complaints can also be made by email.

Angard has a 7 day working week starting from Monday 00:01hrs until Sunday 00:00hrs (midnight).

You will be paid one week in arrears and are always paid on a Friday.

When you have successfully completed your first shift, your details will be passed to our payroll provider who will issue you an email containing instructions on how to set up online access to view your payslips. When you have set this up you will be able to access your payslip online by clicking here. You will need your Angard Employee Number (Payroll number) to access your online payslip.

Unfortunately Angard is unable to provide paper payslips.

Hours are submitted weekly to Angard by the Royal Mail plant/office you have worked at. All candidates are required to SIGN IN when first arriving on the premises and SIGN OUT at the end of a shift. Your hours are then calculated from this signing in sheet by Royal Mail before being submitted to Angard for payment in JoinedUp.
To ensure correct payment, Angard advise candidates to mark clearly the time they signed in and the time they signed out on the signing in sheet.

If you believe you have been paid incorrectly then please email payroll.queries@angardstaffing.co.uk to raise this directly with the Angard Payroll Services team.

Your tax code will be based on the information you will have provided on the Starter Checklist form at the point of registration. However, if you still believe you are on the wrong tax code, you need to call HMRC on 0300 200 3300 and quote Angard’s PAYE reference 475/XA59334 with your Angard employee/payroll number or national insurance number.

Your holiday pay rate is calculated by taking your average weekly gross pay from your last 52 working weeks and dividing by your average weekly hours worked in the current holiday year. Your holiday is automatically calculated when processing your weekly timesheet and is displayed in JoinedUp.

You can see the total amount of holiday you have available in JoinedUp.

You can request holiday in your JoinedUp calendar by setting your availability to ‘Holiday’ and following the on-screen prompts.

You can claim holiday in half or full day increments.
Holiday pay should be used as a means to take paid rest from work. You are not permitted to work on days for which you have claimed Holiday Pay.

I am an Applicant...

You can view a list of all of our current vacancies on this site. Simply follow the link against the job you are interested in you will be taken to Angard’s online application page for your chosen role.

We will send you regular communications on the progress of your application. Please ensure you carry out all the actions requested and your application will progress quickly.

Some security checks can take as little as a day from when we see your full documentation. Please allow up to 14 days for this step, however.

Once your ID badge and contract have been posted the Deployment Team will be made aware of your employment and the site you wish to work at. All new employees have to attend an induction shift at the Royal Mail site. Your Consultant will call you to find out your availability and to arrange an induction for you at your chosen Royal Mail site. You will also receive via e-mail an introduction to Angard together with your login details so you can recieve shifts and view your payslips on-line.

An Angard Stafifng ID badge will be issued to your home address once you have successfully passed security checks.

No. If you already work for Royal Mail directly, you cannot register with Angard Staffing.

No. If you already work for Royal Mail through another agency, you cannot register with Angard Staffing.

I am a Royal Mail Manager...

Angard supply temporary industrial workers throughout the Royal Mail network and can support at times of need. If you already use Angard workers, please use your normal ordering method to request additional staff. If you do not have an existing relationship with Angard, please contact the Royal Mail Flexible Recruitment Team.

Please ask the worker to contact our Payroll team on 0333 240 8502, option 4.

All Angard working hours are submitted weekly in JoinedUp. For any queries in relation to this, please call 0333 240 8502 option 4.