Coronavirus Tests for Key Workers


We are pleased to announce that the UK Government has extended testing for coronavirus to postal key workers in England and Northern Ireland, who are off work due to experiencing symptoms. We want to continue to support the health of all our workers by engaging with the Government testing programmes.

Angard Staffing are a dedicated supplier of workers to Royal Mail and as such you are identified as a key worker supporting the essential service Royal Mail are providing to the UK.

If you develop symptoms of coronavirus you can access a self-serve Government website and apply for testing via drive-through regional testing centres currently available in England and Northern Ireland. Access to testing in Scotland and Wales will be communicated once we are informed this is available. Participation is voluntary and no information will be shared with Angard Staffing. This is a confidential service.

We do hope, as part of the role we all have in preventing the spread of coronavirus, that workers who test positive should follow the existing guidance and contact Angard Staffing on 0333 240 8502 so we can then support your absence and ensure unit cleaning where appropriate.

Our approach is to signpost you to the testing website whilst you are self-isolating and are within the first three days of having coronavirus symptoms.

Process in place:

  • You should report symptoms to Angard Staffing on 0333 240 8502 on day one and self-isolates (or by day three for existing cases)
  • We will then re-confirm the testing options and share the template letter via e-mail (participation in testing is voluntary).
  • You can then register for the test using the website and follow the instructions
  • You should then take your Angard-issued staff ID and confirmation email along with this letter to the test centre which are usually open 10:00 – 16:00
  • You should then remain in self-isolation, results are usually received by text or email within 48 hours of taking the test. You then choose to update the Angard with the result.

Angard Staffing continue to follow government advice on health and safety and this is the number one priority. Our full Q&A and guidance on social distancing can be found here.

Thank you for your continued support and please stay safe.