Introduction of Digital Signing In/Out


Please read this notification carefully as it relates to how your payments are processed.

What has changed?

Beginning the 30th October, Royal Mail are extending their digital signing in process across a large number of sites. Please note, some sites will launch the new process from the 7th November.

This will be advertised onsite and your manager will be aware if this applies to you. You will also receive a notification from your Agency regarding this change.

How do I sign in?

Upon your arrival to site, you will find a QR code reader. Simply scan your QR code when you arrive and when you leave.

How do I find my QR code?

  1. Click ‘Worker Calendar’ on your Joined Up profile via web browser.
  2. Scroll down and select ‘QR Code’ from the options below
  3. View and scan your QR code

For further guidance on finding your QR code, click here

How to ensure you are paid correctly.

  1. You must have accepted your shift on Joined UP
  2. You must scan your QR code via the console available on site. Speak to a manager if you don’t know where to find this.
  3. You must scan in/out as soon as you arrive/leave for your allocated shift
  4. You must speak to a manager if you are unable to scan in/out
For further guidance on scanning in and out, here

Please look out for further communications on your email and here…